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The Gardens at Cal Turf is a local nursery and gift store located just miles from the World Ag Expo.  Our staff would be more than happy to create an inviting booth at this year’s Farm Show that will help you make a great first impression.  

If you are in need of plant material and staging our nursery is available to assist you in plant rental, delivery, placement and pick up.  

plant rental pricing

individual pricing

24” box trees: $150 each
15 gallon trees/shrubs: $44 each
5 gallon trees/shrubs: $14 each
1 gallon shrubs: $4 each

Sod:     base price/quantity 200 sf = $300
After 200 square feet, pricing will be added per square foot.


    201-500 sf - $1.40/sf
    501-700 sf - $1.35/sf
    701-1,000 sf - $1.30/sf
         *sod has to be ordered in 100 sf increments 

*Price includes plant rental, placement and removal

*No minimums required